Following on from one of my previous post where we looked at the rear suspension of  a 2012 BTCC Next Generation Touring Car (Maybe it should now be current generation Touring Car Regulations?!)

Which can be found here:

BTCC racer Rob Austin has kindly shared the below photo on his face book page. which shows his complete rear sub frame assembly striped out of the car.

Unlike the rest of  the NGTC grid Rob’s Audi is the only rear wheel drive car. (the BMW’s are built to S2000’s regulations with a NGTC engine fitted)

So what can we see in this photo?

Item 1 shows the Penske ( coil over dampers 2, shows the suspensions rocker, 3 the upper wishbone and 4 the  suspensions push rod. The relationship between these items is discussed in my previous blogs and a simple animation of the system I have made is shown here:

The brackets which the wishbone mounts to the subframe are highlighted with a 5. The Touring car teams will have to keep a large quantity of these spare, as we can surmise that this area will be a particularly weak spot and with the close wheel to wheel racing that the BTCC is renowned for it is likely that these brackets will often require to be changed.

The Audi’s drive-shafts can be seen in item 6  highlighted by the yellow dashed boxes. The drive shafts transfer the rotational drive from the differential to the wheels.

The differential can be seen mounted as point 7 with the splined connection shaft highlighted as point 8  the prop shaft which connects to the gearbox at the front of the car.

Pointshows the anti-roll bar which runs between the left and right hand suspension.

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