Honda Racing (Team dynamics) have released some sneak photos revealing there new NGTC racer, via their face book page: ( )

Lets take a quick look at these photos and compare the new NGTC to the standard road going 2012 Civic.

So what can we see in these photos? well as intended by Dynamics/Honda not very much unfortunately…

However you can see the considerable fibre glass wheel arch extensions which have been bonded on to the shell to accommodate the new NGTC subframe and suspentions mechanical width of 1875mm, which is 105mm above the standard car width of 1770 mm, This additional width is highlighted in highlighted point 1 for the front and Point 3  for the rear.

highlighted point 2 shows that the dark plastic section of the standard civics bumper has now been colorour coded to the rest of the body,

One  interesting thing we can notice from looking at the rear images of the car is that Team Dynamics have fitted a different specification rear spoiler (or at least spoiler end plates)  to the rear of their Civic. This is shown below compared to the Specified rear wing fitted to the Toyota Avensis and RAR Audi A4.

It is quite apparent from these photos that the end plate for the spoiler is of a different shape and specification. It may be that Dynamics have had special dispensation to run this different design wing from TOCA as there is a lack of space at the rear of the Hatch back Civic to fit the large wing end plates, unlike the more traditionally saloon shaped Audi and Toyota.  It may of course be that this new shape is now available and in the regulations for all teams to use in the 2012 season.

The rear wing of a Touring car is predominately for aesthetic reasons and it serves little aerodynamic affect on to the cars other than perhaps increasing drag.  Most teams front wheel drive touring cars run the rear wings at a neutral setting as adding “down force” to the rear of a front wheel drive is not desirable.

The photos released by Dynamics show that at least one of their BTCC cars is basically complete in good time for the start of next season.

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