Today we have our first look at the rear of a BTCC NGTC Civic.

So what work has had to be done to Dynamics Civic to fit the standard NGTC subframe?

Photo courtsey of @MattNealRacing on Twitter.

1, Following on from my previous posts where I highlighted the amount of material which had been removed from the standard shell.  Here you can see that team Dynamics have replaced the inner arch with a bespoke steel fabrication which fits neatly around the  standard NGTC rear subframe and double wishbones. The join between standard Civic shell and bespoke fabrication is shown by the straight dotted lines (labeled number 5).

Team Dynamics have managed to package around the rear suspension with a very neat solution.

2, Here you can see the standard NGTC Double wishbone which replaces the standard civics trailing beam.

3, This curved line I have added to the photo shows the line the standard wheel arch  would normally follow, and illustrates how much Dynamics have inlarged the arch to allow the car to be lowered and fit the NGTC wheels. It is clear to see that even the rear door has been modified to accommodate this. This of course will all be tided up when Team Dynamics add the rear fiber class arches.

4, Moving away from the five stud wheel pattern of the S2000 specification touring cars, The NGTC  specification cars  The single center lock Nut can be seen here, This is part of the new regulations and may have been included by Toca to try to speed up pit stops.

However as the BTCC races are only 2o minutes long and pit stops are only used in the case of punctures or sudden weather changes it may do nothing other than increase the number of wheel which the fans see come loose, as we used to see in the older BTC specification cars!

In my next blog we will take a look at the difference between double wish bone suspension and McPherson strut suspension…..

I Hope you enjoyed reading.

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